I don't have a lot of time to spend reading these days, but with this
    book I made time. I just couldn't put it down. I picked it up literally
    every chance I had. In the morning, during breaks at work, and
    before I went to sleep. To say that the story line is good would be
    like saying that the pyramids of Egypt are "OK. It just draws you in
    and won't let go. I'm not going to spoil the ending for you, lets just
    say that Mr. Burt will blind side you on so many levels that you can't
    see any of them coming.

    This book will make your head spin and give you cause to wonder
    why other writers can't keep you entertained like Mr. Burt. But don't
    take my word for it. You have got to read this book.

    J. W. Willey

    I've been reading fantasy and SF for a long time and I only keep a
    few books around to reread every so often. Mr. Burt's book is one of
    those that has joined that library which includes Orson Scott Card's
    Ender's Game, David Drake's Hammer's Slammers, and Asimov's
    Foundation Trilogy. Mr. Burt has managed to combine some of the
    more intriguing aspects of each into a new story that is difficult to put
    down. The basic premise is an ancient war once raged across the
    known universe which culminated in the development of a great
    weapon. The first use of the weapon changed time and space, and
    threw the weapon into the void. Since that time, many have sought
    this weapon. As the reader, we get to view the discovery of this
    weapon by a group of individuals who each have their own agenda.
    The politics and "cold war" existing between some of the space-
    faring races sets the background for an intellectual battle of wills and
    an action packed war for survival of mankind. If you enjoyed the
    political maneuvering in Foundation or the battle of wills in Ender's
    Game or the chaos of war in Hammer's Slammers, this novel is for
    you. And be sure to put your name in your copy should you lend it
    out, because you may not get it back.

    Steve Balog,  Astronomy/Physics teacher

    I've been reading fiction, science fiction and fantasy for as long as I
    can remember. I've read Asimov, Clark, Card, Anthony, Weber,
    Heinlein, Dick, King, Jordan, Martin, McCaffrey, Koontz, Tolkein,
    Gibson, Creighton...heck, I could go on for a few pages. Suffice it to
    say that there's not many stories or series by major writers that I
    haven't read, not to mention my dark secret: Star Wars and Star
    Trek extended universe novels.

    Anyway, I say all that to say this: After all I've read, the characters
    I've grown to love, the stories I can't get enough of, the vast and
    richly detailed worlds I've seen in my dreams, the first book of the
    Dark Crusade series has blown them all away.

    Burt draws you in with a mixture of Gothic fantasy, mythology, and
    high tech weapons and armor. He details a dark and gritty universe
    where the forces of dark and light have been clashing for thousands
    of years, and the one great device lost at the beginning which can
    return all of the fallen warriors to life.

    This first book is the story of the rediscovery of that device and the
    Empire's struggle to liberate it from the clutches of the Vexthrax.
    Some of the descriptions of these battles and what the Vexthrax do
    to their prey actually gave me chills!

    I don't want to give out any spoilers, but suffice it to say that you will
    not be disappointed if you pick up this book! I got one of the first
    copies off the press and I've already read it so many times it looks
    twenty years old, and can't wait for the next in the series!

    Jes Hall
    Information Services
    University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston


    Author D. L. Burt paints a vivid picture of this make-believe world,
    taking the reader on a journey of extremes. The language is intense
    and graphic, with strong use of description and enough language of
    the world peppered throughout the book to give the reader a strong
    sense of setting. The "lexicon" of vocabulary terms at the back of the
    book is excellent. The theme of good versus evil has always been
    one of the best foundations for stories, and this author does an
    excellent job of execution.

    . . . instant gratification of good storytelling from the beginning

    . . . this book is very good

    First I'd like to say that I loved your first book of the Apocrypha of the
    Dark Crusade, it is one of the most imaginative and exciting tales I've
    read in a while.

    Thank you,

Mesmerizing read, made me forget to go to bed!!

Absolutely wonderful story, it's as if D.L. Burt knew what would
make me want to read "just one more chapter" every time I picked
it up. More plot twists than I can count, and everytime you begin to
identify who a character "truly" is, another facet is revealed that
makes you examine the truth as you thought it existed. The
characters are well thought out, but don't look for archetypal
heroes as every stereotype I've ever thought about the "hero" of
the story has been broken here.

The narrative style was interesting, the story being told from
opposing view points, with each being given it's due justice, nearly
as if the reader is left to decide who is right and who is wrong at

I'll definitely keep reading the Dark Crusade, for as long as Mr.
Burt keeps writing them!!

By  M. Dennis "Professional Geek"
Heinlein? Asimov? Clark? MORONS!!!!!!! D. L. Burt is a Genius!!!
Burt has created the science fiction universe you always wanted to
read about but no one ever thought of before. The mixing of Norse
and Anglican mythologies makes it feel real, and will keep you
guessing if these people are related to us somehow, past or future.
Burt has a unique writing style with the ability to draw out your
emotions, with several scenes that will make you laugh out loud, as
well as melancholy moments of sadness you can really feel. Plenty
of intrigue and plot twists, and cool surprises that will keep you
pounding through the pages until the very end, and leave you
wanting more as you rush to get the next book in this series! This
is rollicking fun military sci-fi that even those who are not fans of
the genre can enjoy. And for real fans of military sci-fi, Burt does
not disappoint. This is a richly detailed, high tech, science fiction
adventure. Besides that, what could better than Vikings in space?
NOTHING!!! Now this is cool science fiction. UFF DA!!!!!!!!!!