By directive of our Chancellor, Lord Anaximander, the Curator of the Dark
Archives has been instructed to chronicle the events of the Dark Crusade.
Sequestered in their secret scriptoria, it has taken many Scroll Sages
much time to decipher and authenticate these hundreds of thousands of
documents, to validate and cross reference all supporting material, some
dating back three millennia. Likewise, my Master, DarkLord Seito,
Molecular Magi and Special Agent to its Executive Raven Ryu,  has
summoned that I, his most senior acolyte and obedient servant, discreetly
undertake the afore mentioned assignment and personally document the
events surrounding the KHT-21 mission. Code named ‘Phantom Finder,’ it
was an executive black Ops mission from the beginning. Its purpose was to
locate the origin of a trans-dimensional, intergalactic signal thought  
produced by the Ark of the Codelax, the holy lathe of the Emperor.

In all, three Trident ships were primarily involved; the Charon, a military
surveyor; the Star*Ship Nereus, a Dark Archives Black Ship, and the
Imperial Troop Ship, Ran. Discovered later would be the  Colossus’
unexpected role. It is known that the Triskelion Dark*Ship Dromond
intervened at some point after the mission and evidence to speculate an
encounter with a Malignax Naglfar Raid Ship has only most recently been
uncovered and is currently under investigation.

This report contains numerous discrepancies from the official document
submitted to and  sanctioned  by the Archives’ Chancellor as ‘truth’, and so
its credibility will be considered apocryphal by many. Nonetheless, it is the
‘gospel’ according to those who survived the experience, including my
Master and I. The fact that this is a private report not meant for Archive
eyes, in no way invalidates the contributions contained in its declaration.

The ‘apocrypha’ of the Dark Crusade begins in an insignificant place
harboring a magnificent secret. The following chronicle is a composite
account synthesized from top secret files of the Phantom Finder Project,
among which are records of  the Charon expedition containing ledgers
from the Star*Master's own journal and crew audio-log transcripts.
Innumerable classified military documents and other various detailed
reports from the landing parties, all of which are now preserved in the
vaults of the Archive's Historic Hall, further confirm these codified entries.

As my Lord’s devoted disciple, to my knowledge, this chronicle is as
accurate and comprehensive to the extent that the files are complete and
reliable. As other verifiable elements of information and substantive
evidence surface, they will be introduced in an opportune manner in an
effort to historically reconstruct the inspirational exploits of these  legends
and legions of the Dark Crusade. Their heroic and tragic fates will be
retold here in story form to expedite their deeds of valor and tales of terror.
I am Quing.