You have plunged into a galaxy deep in war. Fought light years beyond
    the present in the dark future of the Sixth Millennium, the Empire of the
    Known Realm is heavily engaged in grim conflict against cunning
    enemies struggling for their own survival amidst the savage stars.
    Though there are many ruthless rivals to contend with, the main
    conflict centers around two great powers: the Imperial Trident Empire
    and the forces of the Triskelion DarkLight. Both were once of human
    ancestry, but long ago, the Triskelion abandoned Mankind, forsaking
    their humanness to become merciless adversaries. Lead by Ratava the
    Ruler of Ruin, and Khan Kaang, the God of Gore, they are fiercely
    determined to existence erase the Trident blood line down to the last
    human chromosome.

    Not only is each side waging war with the other in the Great Galactic
    Crusade for the soul of Mankind, they are also defending their Empire
    against horrifying outside adversaries with their own agenda for the
    annihilation of the Universe.

    The adventure before you and the Great Galactic Crusade that you are
    about to undertake, chronicles the Legends and Legions of these two
    embattled Empires and that of their allies in their race for everlasting
    salvation or eternal extinction. Racing across eternity, every infinite
    inch is measured in human lives. And for Mankind, time and souls are
    running out at the speed of light.

    Spanning timeless dimensions and fathomless space, it is a war of
    attrition waged between the Apostates of the Apocalypse and the
    ancient Apostles of Armageddon. It is an Age of dark science and deep
    secrets. A time when the Legions of the Lord battled the Dominions of
    the Dark Forces of the Triskelion raging throughout the astral heavens
    of Valhal and the Known Realm, where the stars have long ago,
    descended into darkness.

    Yet to conquer the Cosmos completely means to triumph in the holy
    quest for the lost Codelax, the divine celestial instrument that is the
    creator of souls. For whomsoever possesses it, holds the fate of all
    else. For with its sacred powers, it is decided who is reborn into the
    physical world and whose soul is forever cast into the black void of the
    Necromancer Natas, the Triskelion BlackLord of the Dark Domain.

    Via the might of the divine instrument of immortality, the Emperor in
    Valhal can manifest the Living Spirit into the Known Realm. This power
    of everlasting life proves too alluring for Ratava. The Seraph is cast
    from heaven, but not before she steals the creator of souls. The
    Emperor in Valhal sends his only son, Prince Sinjin, to retrieve the
    Codelax and offer Ratava everlasting rule in her own Universe.
    Banished for her disobedience, Ratava, as gratitude for this gesture,
    beheads the Prince, eats his flesh, drinks his blood and exiles his
    bones into the Dark Void. She keeps the Codelax for herself.

    As a precaution, the Prince encrypts the Codelax with divine
    instructions contingent upon his demise, and when Ratava tampers
    with it, great holes rip apart the Cosmos. Other dimensions of space
    and time collide, destroying her Universe. In a fit of rage, she hurls the
    Prince’s skull at the Codelax and both vanish into oblivion. But because
    she now contains the sacred molecules of the Prince, she is immune to
    the destruction and endowed with Godlike powers. Damaged  by the
    ‘Goddess of Greed,’ the Codelax seals the gateway to heaven. The
    entrance to Valhal is lost to the Realm Rift. The Warp Wars begin.
    Mistrust and division ravage the Realm.

    Marooned in Valhal, the Emperor can no longer receive the souls of his
    chosen. Now soulless and Godless, the kingdom of crusaders falls into
    ruin and despair as great darkness befalls the Known Realm. With no
    means to spiritually replace their dead, humans are a species destined
    for extinction.

    Miraculously, the Codelax’s beacon, code named ‘Pale Vector,’ is
    traced to a lost world deep in a remote part of the Trident galaxy.
    Operation ‘Phantom Finder’ commences as three Star*Ships are sent
    on a clandestine mission to the small planet christened  KHT-21. There,
    astonishing discoveries are made. Discoveries that must be kept
    secret at all cost. It is here, our journey begins.