The Apocrypha of the Dark Crusade chronicles the episodic tales of the
    races of the Known Realm spanning six thousand years of struggle. Told in a
    dark future, Gothic style, it is the timeless story of universal spirit and the
    eternal conflict between Good and Evil. Book One, ODYSSEY INTO
    OBLIVION, is set three thousand years in the Realm's past and tells of the
    Trident Empire's quest to retrieve the lost Codelax, the divine instrument of
    God that is the creator of souls. Book Two, OMENS OF THE MILLENNIUM,
    follows the legends and legions of the various besieged races embroiled in
    bitter cosmic conflict centering around the Trident Empire's demise from glory
    amidst three cataclysmic events and the continuing quest for the elusive
    Codelax. The third book, RELICS OF THE REALM, completes the trilogy with
    the climatic engagement between the Apostates of the Apocalypse and the
    Armageddon Apostles.


    It is my dream not only to publish their adventure but to also put them onto a
    movie screen. With today's technology and the recent explosion in the
    advancement of special effects, it is now possible to vividly express the vision
    of my work. The appeal of cutting edge science fiction/horror, the prospect of
    alien encounters/abductions, and the possibility of reincarnation is at an all-
    time high. Couple this with the fascination of physical conquest and spiritual
    triumph against all odds and a powerful attraction is created for millions of
    readers and movie viewers alike.


    This project has tremendous Multimedia Appeal. Novels, Movies, Video and
    Miniature Strategy Games, TV Series, Comic Books/Graphic Novels, Action
    Figures and a host of other possibilities can be created from the DARK
    CRUSADE adventure. Brent Thompson, who worked six years with George
    Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic, met with me regarding my work and
    responded: "I had no idea that you were this far along with it. I am looking at
    hundreds of millions of dollars on this table."


    I am in search of daring Entrepreneurs, Publishers, Agents, Producers,
    Illustrators, Manufactures, Marketing Consultants, Publicists and Model
    Makers. Everybody was a nobody until somebody listened. There is a lot of
    money to be made in this Universe and I am willing to share. I need can-do
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